Is Royalgreen The Freehold Condo You Should Look Out For?

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Is Royalgreen the Freehold Condo You Should Look Out for in 2019?

With the new Draft Master Plan 2019 just around the corner, exciting new living situations will be rising up all throughout Singapore. New launch condos will be available all throughout the region providing residents with access to the latest up to date living situations, all within walking distance to work and community landmarks throughout Singapore.

But which of the Singapore new launches should you be the most excited for? Each new freehold condo has its benefits and there is no wrong option in this upcoming market, but there is one freehold condo that stands out above the rest – Royalgreen.

What this freehold condo offers to its residents surpasses that of all other upcoming new launch options. The new development will be situated in a prime location with access to a plethora of educational institutions, MRT stations, and so much more! The critically acclaimed developer offers security and luxury in a stunning new landscape.

Royalgreen – What To Expect

The new development, located along Bukit Timah Road, will be the epitome of a new Singapore property. This new freehold condo offers residents the state-of-the-art amenities, a central location with easy access to all of Singapore, and plenty of schooling options for the next generation. Considering all that Royalgreen will have to offer, you might be looking at one of the best new condo launch in the Singapore real estate market.

Critically Acclaimed Developer

Under the Bukit Timah Collection, Royalgreen is the latest new launch alongside with the Mayfair Collection and Juniper Hill. With Royalgreen as your new home, you know you’re in good hands as the developer of these amazing projects has the experience and awards count to back up their name. Allgreen Properties has been a leading developer of Singapore properties ever since 1986 and has continued to uphold a sense of integrity with their projects.

Winning as many awards as Allgreen Properties has isn’t simply a walk in the park. Allgreen has a diversified portfolio comprising residential, retail and office space, serviced apartments and a hotel, spanning over Singapore, China, and Vietnam.

You can check out their portfolio here.


The new Royalgreen freehold condo will be located on Bukit Timah Road at the heart of Singapore’s new launches. At this location, you will find yourself in close proximity to Sixth Avenue MRT station, connecting residents to popular destinations such as Newton and Marina Bay Sands via the Downtown Line.


Newton Food Centre & Marina Bay Sands

At the new Royalgreen condo development, you would have access to a number of gardens in the surrounding areas as well as a 1.4 kilometer park right outside your door.

Exclusive Living Conditions

With only 285 units available for purchase, Royalgreen is an exclusive private residential enclave with a low-density of units. The units on L1 & L5 boast a high floor-to-ceiling with a 3.2m height, maximizing the space of the unit. A typical floor-to-ceiling height is only 2.85m!

singapore real estate

Contemporary designed unit at Royalgreen

What’s even more exclusive about Royalgreen is that all its units are North-South facing! This factor is a strong selling point for a Singapore condo as North-South units are able to avoid the direct sunlight during the day while enjoying a strong breeze!

Is Royalgreen A Good Home-Stay or Investment Opportunity?

Often, we have clients asking us this, “Is freehold for home-stay or investment?”

While this question has ignited a huge debate among property gurus over the years, you would have to take a step back and look at it at another angle.

We often know that location carries the most weight when it comes to evaluating a property’s worth. For condo properties, the location could be the most important factor in a lucrative capital appreciation.

Adapted from, let’s take a look at the comparison between the condos in Novena and Sembawang:


From the chart, it’s clear that the average psf prices for a condo (regardless of leasehold or freehold) in a prime district like Novena, commands a much higher upside pricing than an obscure Sembawang.

After all, location is of the utmost importance to both home buyers and property investors.

Furthermore, look at the trend in the past 15 years – the average psf prices for condo properties have been rising steadily and significantly.

Coming back to the question, home stay or investment?

Since we’ve deciphered the importance value of location previously, let’s take a look at Royalgreen’s location.

royalgreen location

Looking at the map, there are 3 things to take note of:

1. MRT Station & Integrated Transport Hub

As mentioned above, Royalgreen is located in between King Albert Park and Sixth Avenue MRT Station, with Sixth Avenue being the closest with a 3-4 minutes walk. This is a perk that most freehold condos are missing, which Royalgreen has!

Take note that under the Draft Master Plan 2019, the Beauty World’s upcoming Integrated Transport Hub will further enhance the connectivity for residents living near Beauty World MRT Station.

2. Nearby Schools

Various prominent schools such as Raffles Girls’ Primary, Methodist Girls’ School, and Hwa Chong Institution are within a 1km radius. Great news for parents who are looking to put their children in nearby schools for convenience. There is plenty of renowned primary to tertiary schools near Royalgreen, leaving parents with no lack of choices.

3. Shopping & Leisure

Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah Plaza, and even Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are near to Royalgreen, making shopping and leisure activities a short trip away!

Now as we understand the strategic location Royalgreen has, it’s no doubt that the location will be a major contributing factor for both capital appreciation and rental potential for both home buyers and investors.

Although, there is one thing that investors should take note of. Most tenants ignore the fact that whether your property is freehold or leasehold. As long as it’s affordable and provides convenience and accessibility, they would pick that property. This is a complication that most freehold properties are facing as their counterparts often offer the same benefits with its affordability being more attractive.

Planning Your Future

With an indicative pricing of $2,600 psf, Royalgreen will be a reasonable price for the excellence in luxury living. If you possess some knowledge about the pricing of freehold properties, you would be aware that this pricing is one of the more affordable ones, factoring in the supreme location that it offers.

One thing that should help any pricing worries is the knowledge that the cost of properties will only go up. (just take a look back at the average psf chart for Novena and Sembawang properties) This indicates that the price that you pay for your condo now will be much less than what you sell it for in the future. With Singapore experiencing a green makeover, now is the time to invest. With proper Property Wealth Planning knowledge, your roadmap to property investments will prove to be a lucrative one in 5-10 years.

Unsure of how to plan for your property portfolio? Talk to the gurus here!


While most freehold condo are highly sought-after for their unlimited lifespan, buyers and investors must consider different factors such as the developers’ track record, location, and convenience. These imperative factors are the key to unlocking a profitable rental income and capital potential gain. Want to know whether the investment in new launches in Singapore are rewarding? Check out this article!

The Royalgreen is an exciting and high-end development that residents of the Bukit Timah should be excited for. With Singapore experiencing a new makeover of their residencies as well as their transportation services, Royalgreen remains the most exciting new launch condo to keep on your list. The amenities matched with the location of the project make it something that you can invest your future in. The promise of new parks, communities, rail station, and landmarks means that the price of Royalgreen at Bukit Timah will likely grow.

Want more information on Royalgreen? Check out our project page here!

We have helped over 300 families to plan their Property Wealth Planning journey in Singapore. If you’re looking to know more and explore more options – we invite you to contact us for a non-obligation discussion.

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